It had been discovered that our midsection basically houses a secondary brain which is consistent with our personal perceptions of “butterflies” in the stomach and “gut feelings” Although the gut has only 100 million neurons, compared to estimated 100 billion in the brain, that’s enough for some sophisticated programming and processing. The gut nervous system called “enteric nervous system” and it plays a major role in our feelings of well-being. This complex network of neurons sheathes the stomach, esophagus and small intestine. The same neurochemicals, neuropeptides and hormones that are found in the brain are found in the enteric nervous system, acting as a command and control center. It had been found that the gut-brain and cranial brain act in concert, and sometimes create negative feedback loops. Just as the brain can upset the gut, the gut can also upset the brain. It’s not clear yet if the enteric nervous system may be capable of rudimentary learning and memory, like the cranial brain..

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