For a number of years I was experiencing diverse number of symptoms of hormonal dysfunction, stomach problems, migraine headaches, lack of energy (you name it); however, every time I visited the “regular” doctor’s office, I would leave with different “trial” medication for each individual symptom, and of course, would only end up having awful side-effects and not feeling better at all.

Then a friend of mine referred me to Dr. Topalo. Right away, I knew that Dr. Topalo had my best interest at heart. He was looking at the whole picture of my well-being, not only the obvious symptoms, but family history, my medical history, my energy levels, and both physical and psychological aspects of my health. He took time to understand my personal goals and formed the detailed treatment for me to get better. Within first few weeks I started noticing the positive shift in my energy, feeling better, and disappearance of some of the problems I’ve experienced until then. His treatments have no negative side-effects at all, if anything, it’s quite the opposite. After each treatment I feel more relaxed, but at the same time refreshed and re-energized. I have to say that after more than 6 months of visits with Dr. Topalo, I just simply feel that I’ve been given the second chance at health.

Beka C., Burnaby, BC

I was keeping my wife a company, while she attended the first diagnostic session with Dr. Topalo. This was enough for me to realize that this is the person who truly does what all Doctors should be doing. Even though I was physically healthy and had no symptoms of any illness per say, in the last few years I’ve experienced a huge plunge in my energy. I had no motivation to do anything and was seriously worried that I was falling into depression. After starting the treatment with Dr Topalo, I’ve instantly noticed the difference in my energy and positive mood. Even more recently, as few unfortunate events occurred in my immediate family, Dr Topalo’s treatments have helped me stay optimistic and made me recover much faster. I really appreciate it and would recommend his treatments to everyone.

Rade C., Burnaby, BC

I wholeheartedly credit Dr. Topalo and his many advanced alternative remedies and therapies in making my health almost perfect again after a series of unfortunate medical situations that seriously threatened my wellbeing. I was headed in the direction of leukemia, a cancer which had already taken two of my siblings before he cured me entirely with natural, non-invasive and non-damaging remedies. In addition, he was able to later cure my severe headaches and back pain due to a debilitating accident. He is my primary caregiver. I take great comfort in paying directly for his services and remedies knowing that I am not being sold chemicals and pharmaceuticals that will just make me more ill in the long run. You are in “good hands with Dr. Topalo…”

Grace J-B, Vernon, BC