Online Consultation

Personal consultations are now available online. On-line consultations are very similar to the face-to-face consultations. The on-line consultation:

• eliminates the need for travel and the expenses associated with travel

• allows a patient to enjoy the process from the comfort of their home, reducing stress, especially for those who live in remote areas

• facilitates the continuity of treatment if the patient has moved to another country

• eliminates ‘office consultation anxiety’ to which some patients are prone


1. Send me pictures of both your irises via e-mail from the Contact page of this website. Find following instructions on how to take the pictures of your irises – Set your camera to MACRO and try to use natural, daytime indoor light with a lash. When taking photos of the iris, make sure that the entire iris is visible and there is no glare present from lights or camera flash, glare in the pupil (the black dot in the center of the iris) will be fine. Please, take a photo of each eye separately.

When taking your photos, check to see that the entire color portion of the eye is visible, especially the top and bottom. If you tend to have “droopy” or heavy eyelids, just gently pull the skin away from the eye using your thumb and forefinger.


If you will experience difficulties to make pictures, you can ask photo shop assistance

2. At the bottom of this online consultation page fill out two forms. You don’t need to download them, just open, print inside of the body and click “submit”

In your email, attach any supporting documentation which you think could be helpful

3. Within 2-3 days you will receive an email with your iridology report with specific recommendations.

4. After receiving your report, phone/Skype consultation will be scheduled to discuss in depth your condition and find treatment recommendations (consultation is covered by fee)

5. Some additional information may be collected from your by email or by phone if need arises.

6. The $150.00 fee for the online consultation includes iridology analysis, case and health history analysis, phone/Skype consultation and report preparation. The easiest way to process the payment is through Pay Pal. Simply press “Make payment” button below to purchase your Online Consultation. On the same “Online consultation” page of my website and follow the credit card payment instructions on our secure payments page with PayPal

To pay for the consultation simply click on the button below to purchase your Online Consultation. You will be then taken to our secure payments page with PayPal.

Patient privacy: patient information will never be disclosed or sold to an individual or company. The information you provide herein is used solely by Dr. Topalo for administrative and healing purposes, and will be treated in the strictest confidence.To request your Online Consultation please contact us via the Contact section of this website, by email (, by phone 604-951-4896 or by Skype(dr.topalo)