A new study has found, that eating a fast-food meal more than three times a week, affects the immune system. For kids, that increases the risk of asthma and eczema. At the European study, researchers looked a survey data from two groups of children – 319,000 participants from 50 countries aged 13-14 and another 181,000 from 31 countries aged 6-7. They found that eating fast food at least three times a week could be linked to a nearly 40-per cent increase in “severe asthma” in the older kids and a 27-per-cent rise in the younger group.

This study supports previous research that has shown saturated fats can have a negative impact on how well the immune system operates. A better dietary choice, the research suggests: trade in the hamburger for a good old apple. The study found that eating fruits three or more times a week resulted in an 11-per-cent drop in severe symptoms for teenagers and 14-per-cent decrease in kids.

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